Men: Here’s What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Mouth Healthy | Newbury Park Dentist

Men: Here’s What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Mouth Healthy | Newbury Park Dentist

Men’s oral health is just as crucial as women’s, yet statistics reveal a concerning trend: by age 72, men lose an average of 5 teeth, a number that spikes to 12 for smokers. At Newbury Park Dental Arts, your oral health is our priority, and as your trusted Newbury Park Dentist, we’re here to ensure you beat the odds stacked against men’s dental wellness. Here’s what you need to know to keep your mouth healthy and your smile radiant.

Understanding the Basics
Men face unique oral health challenges, including a higher risk of periodontal disease and oral cancers. Surprisingly, 45% of men believe they don’t need dental visits, exacerbating these issues. Regular visits to our office can detect problems early, allowing for prompt intervention and prevention.

Identifying Risk Factors
Certain medications and habits, like smoking or chewing tobacco, can directly impact oral health. Dry mouth, a common side effect of medications, decreases saliva production, weakening enamel. Additionally, sports enthusiasts should invest in mouthguards to prevent dental injuries. Limiting acidic and sugary drinks can also mitigate decay risk.

Combatting Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease, characterized by hardened plaque buildup and inflamed gums, poses significant risks, including heart disease and strokes. If you notice signs of gum disease, such as redness or bleeding, seek professional evaluation promptly to prevent further complications.

Practicing Home Care
In addition to professional dental care, maintaining a robust oral hygiene routine at home is crucial. Brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing regularly are essential habits. Unsure about toothpaste selection? Consult our team for personalized recommendations tailored to your needs.

Taking Charge of Your Oral Health
Men, prioritize your oral health by adopting healthy habits and avoiding harmful practices. Reduce your risk of decay and disease by maintaining good oral hygiene, minimizing sugary and acidic drinks, and keeping us informed about your medications and health status. Regular visits to our office are key to preserving your smile’s health and vitality.

Your Smile Matters
Your smile is a reflection of your overall health, so safeguard it with proactive dental care. For personalized tips on maintaining optimal oral health or to schedule your next dental examination, contact Newbury Park Dental Arts. We’re here to support your journey to a healthier smile.

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