Introducing NightLase® Snoring and Apnea Treatment, a non-invasive solution designed to improve the quality of your sleep. Using gentle Er:YAG laser light, this safe and patient-friendly procedure reduces snoring and lessens the effects of sleep apnea. NightLase® is easy for doctors and dentists to perform, offering a simple and virtually painless way to regain a good night’s rest without the need for devices or anesthesia.

NightLase® treatment involves two straightforward steps: preconditioning and tissue strengthening. The Fotona laser systems, such as the LightWalker and Dynamis, provide an optimal Er:YAG modality that delivers effective heating while ensuring the safety of sensitive mouth tissue. With NightLase®, experience a gentle and easy solution that can significantly improve your sleep patterns, without the hassle of wearing devices or undergoing chemical treatments. Take the first step towards enhancing your sleep quality with NightLase® Snoring and Apnea Treatment.