Harnessing the power of light, the Fontana LightWalker® is a cutting-edge device that offers safe and patient-friendly procedures with natural results. With the Fontana LightWalker, you can experience minimally invasive treatments that provide effective solutions for various dental concerns, including tightening and reducing wrinkles, removing vascular lesions, eliminating unwanted hair, and improving overall facial aesthetics. Enjoy the benefits of gentle, fast, and convenient treatments that enhance your experience as a patient while delivering impressive results.

The Fontana LightWalker® utilizes the latest laser technology to provide a wide range of patient-focused treatments. Experience the benefits of this advanced machine, such as the gentle Er:YAG laser treatment for tightening and wrinkle reduction around the eyes, the effective removal of vascular lesions, and safe and long-lasting hair removal for all skin types. Additionally, the Fontana LightWalker® offers precise and fast removal of benign lesions and innovative non-invasive facial treatments that combine different laser wavelengths to achieve a 3-step laser facelift. Discover the convenience and natural results of the Fontana LightWalker®, designed to enhance your dental experience and provide you with exceptional care.